About OMF

Oakland is experiencing a revival of its downtown, an economic revitalization stimulated by an abundance of culture. At the center of this revival lies a core of talented artists and social entrepreneurs. Oakland’s authentic and approachable vibe attracts unique individuals from all walks of life who are committed to their unique forms of creative expression. It is the mission of the Oakland Music Festival (OMF) to showcase the music that is emerging out of the abundance of cultural capital in Oakland and to create an economic engine to support the creative economy.

BRL launches Indiegogo for Oakland headquarters

Our nonprofit partner Beats Rhymes and Life (BRL) has launched an indiegogo campaign to raise $15,000 to complete the renovation of their headquarters (BRLHQ) in Oakland. For the past 27 months, BRL staff, board members, volunteers and supporters have worked tirelessly to renovate their space which is now 75% complete. Once complete, BRLHQ will serve as a hub for innovation, collaboration and service to further develop and expand BRL’s mission to help youth heal, grow and lead.  Let’s help BRL reach their goal! #HipHopTherapy

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OMF Summer Creative Series

We are excited to announce the OMF Summer Creative Series as a segue leading up to this year’s festival.  The OMF Summer Creative Series will not only highlight Oakland’s diverse music scene, but also tap into the realms of art and film. Through community partnership and public engagement, this curated series of events will give the Oakland and its neighbors a chance to enjoy a variety of music, art, and film in our very own backyard.

No upcoming shows scheduled